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Podcast #12 - What the Sud? What to know about Sulfates

November 22, 2022 Jaime Snell Season 1 Episode 12
Eco Mama
Podcast #12 - What the Sud? What to know about Sulfates
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Also known as Sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium monododecyl sulfate, dodecyl alcohol, sodium monolauryl sulfate, sodium dodecanesulfate, n-dodecyl sulfate sodium, sodium coco-sulfate, hydrogen sulfate, sodium salt, sulfuric acid, monododecyl ester.

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Have you ever wondered what's really in your products? The ingredients that are listed on the back of them and what all those words mean? What about in your home? Have you ever wondered? If any of your furniture was ever treated with chemicals or the clothes that you're wearing? Could they possibly have been sprayed with something that could be harmful to your skin or your system. And if you have children, have you ever been concerned about them being exposed to harmful environmental toxins? Or breathing in chemicals that we know are not safe for us. If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place. Welcome to The Eco Mama Podcast. I'm Jaime Snell, your host. I'm here today to do that deep dive into just yet another chemical that I believe we should all strive to avoid. Today's chemical is sulfates. Also known as S L S. Or sodium lauryl sulfates. It is a common ingredient in the products that we use that suds up. Hence the name for today's podcast. What the SUD? I was having a little fun with that plan. It's important to know about this because so many of us have been conditioned to believe that if a soap does not sud up or if our dishwasher, detergent or dish detergent, laundry detergent, soap in the shower or whatever it may be. If we don't have a good lather going on. You can, you know, shampoo there's no good ladder. We think this is a dud it's not going to work. But no, just because it doesn't have a sud doesn't mean as a dud. It just means that it's not loaded with sulfates, which is what causes all of those little bubbles or the suds that you find. When you lather things together, when you wrap it into your hair, your hands or your sink. In like in a nutshell, they're considered surfactants that serve as a foaming agent. As I mentioned, there are most of our soaps. Their hair and personal care products. Body washes. Now, some of us still do use body wash. I. Encouraged not to do body wash because I think so, sir. Just more environmentally friendly and not having the extra plastic in our house. Bubble baths also have sulfates. Now there are some bubble baths and bubbles fizzes that can still create a bubble essence without using sulfates. So we can get more into that another time. But I just want you to be aware that these products have sulfates in them. Another one that you might not think of is toothpaste. But if you ever have to paste in your mouth and you brush a little aggressively, it bubbles up. And there are some I've had in the past where like my mouth filled with bubbles while I was brushing my teeth. Pretty crazy. So if it's are also in products that are found around the house, Such as like carwash, soaps and household cleaning products. Even garage floor cleaners and engine degreasers. The reason we want to avoid sulfates is because they've been known to cause irritation to humans. The minor side of the irritation would be irritation in the eyes, skin, mouth. Lungs and even scalp. They're known to trigger allergies. And cost cystic acne around the mouth and chin.. Ouch! Do not want that. They can also leave your hair and a tangled mess. Over time, they could even lead. To loss of hair. So if your hair is thinning prematurely, maybe you need to take a look at your ingredients because sulfates can actually have that chemical reaction, that you start losing hair. That's not worth it, friends. All right. So I mentioned in the very beginning, Sodium lauryl, sulfate or sulfates. It's also known as SLS. Sodium lauryl sulfate. Sodium mano Datta style sulfate. Data Sal alcohol sodium, mano lauryl, sulfate, sodium Dodo cane sulfate. You get the picture. There's some long names here. Another short name I'll share would be sodium salt and sulfuric acid. But I'll put all these names down in the show notes so you can see how they're spelled and what to look for. And it, and as always, you can reference. Also, there is a full guide of ingredients that is available on Eco Crates of America's website. On there. It's called the no thank you. List. It is just the things that I talk about every Friday that we say, no, thank you to in our family. And this list was put together to help guide anyone interested in. Having cleaner ingredient products on what products to look out for and to try to avoid and has to say, no, thank you to. So today we say, no, thank you to sodium lauryl sulfate, also known as sulfates. Thanks for joining today. Be sure to chime back in very soon, I am going to be doing podcast about shopping, because it's the shopping season. It's Thanksgiving in a couple of days. And I just think it would be a good time to talk about some great gift ideas. Have a great weekend. Bye everyone.